About the company

New but with a great deal of experience.

The only thing that is new about Tineo is the name – until late August 2018, our company specializied in enterprise solutions and traded as Quickline Business AG. As an independent Swiss company, Tineo is doing even more to adapt its offering to the individual requirements of companies, administrations and large organizations.

These solutions, designed for sustainable operation, are based on a modern optical fiber network and a high-performance data center—the Datacube in Münchenstein/BL. Today, some of the most renowned names in business as well as established SMEs are profiting from the services offered—everything from phone system maintenance to data transfer and secure data storage.

Thanks to its ICT competence, customer-oriented service and personal commitment, our experienced team uses all the tools at their disposal to open doors for medium-sized companies to make use of the opportunities found in digital transformation. Our Swiss office ensures security, stability and reliability in all areas and at all times.

There is history behind it!


netrics joins forces with Tineo and nexellent

Biel-based cloud pioneer and managed services provider netrics is partnering with Tineo and nexellent to form a new, powerful cloud and ICT service provider in Switzerland. netrics brings to the joint portfolio specialist expertise in digitalisation using the public cloud as well as modern workplace services.


Partnership with Nexellent AG

In November 2019 joines forces with Nexellent AG, with the aim to offer customers a wider range of products and services. Nexellent is a Swiss Iaas and PaaS provider and offers tailor-made cloud, colocation, network and monitoring services.


Tineo AG

Tineo AG emerges as an independent company from Quickline AG’s business unit with Waterland Private Equity as an investor. As an independent ICT company, it focuses on large enterprises and SMEs, combining the competencies for enterprise solutions.


Quickline Business AG

Quickline Business AG offers its own cloud services via Switzerland's most innovative data center.


Quickline Business AG

First customers begin to use the highly available infrastructure of the new data center—the Datacube in Münchenstein.


Quickline Business AG

Laying the foundation stone of the most innovative data center on the Swiss IP network in Münchenstein/BL. That same year, the Office product line for SMEs is launched.


Quickline Business AG

EBM Telecom joins the Quickline Group, thus creating an innovative platform for private and corporate clients.



Construction of the first optical fiber lines from the data center directly into the living rooms of customers in Allschwil and Lenzburg.



Launch of the company’s own telephony platform and an extension of the data centers with an area of what is now over 1000m2.



Construction of the first two data centers, Ampère and Edison. EBM invests in the operating company Saphir Group AG.



Construction of the first optical fiber network in industrial and commercial zones used by major and corporate clients, administrations and schools.


EBM Telecom AG

EBM Telecom AG becomes an independent Internet service provider (ISP) and starts offering the first products for corporate clients on the market.


EBM Telecom AG

In cooperation with InterGGA, the company’s own cable network supplies over 12,000 private households.



Incorporation of EBM Telecom AG. Start of construction of the optical fiber backbone and purchase of the first five cable networks in the Basel region.


100% in safe hands.

Tineo AG, an independent company, pursues a growth strategy which is supported by an investor, Waterland Private Equity. Competence, financial strength and the proximity to the company are to aid the implementation of the strategy and to utilize all existing potential. This creates added value for Tineo’s customers on the fragmented Swiss market with a clear focus on the business sector.