City Cellar AG

Always in contact with the customer.

One of the top priorities of the family-owned CityCellar AG is their customers’ experience. The company is better known as “Basel – die StadtKellerei” (Basel’s City Cellar). By its very nature, the world of wines is extremely diverse, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it. It’s quite common to see a customer standing in front of a gigantic wine rack full of fascinating names, interesting abbreviations and beautiful labels. In magazines, self-proclaimed “wine gurus” tend to create confusion rather than give good advice. Wine lovers, however, would like to know exactly which wine is right for them. This is CityCellar' mission.

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The Company

The company’s history began in 2003 with Markus Wyser’s investment. The passionate wine lover was the driving force behind the enterprise’s growth, until it became a classic family business. Together with the patrons, their Highnesses the Princes of Bentheim and Steinfurt, CityCellar provides a select layout in the world of wines. This makes the tedious search for truly delicious wines—one that often ends in disappointment—a thing of the past. CityCellar is the place that wine lovers have always longed for. They get more than simply the right wine—it's a true experience. Every private bottling represents a specific sensory character and the highest quality. Thanks to the unique taste and exchange warranty that remains in force during the wines’ entire storage period, customers can be sure that CityCellar will only be storing their favorite wines.

Initial situation

If you ask the managing director, Sandra Wyser, about her company, she still refers to it as a start-up, seven years after it opened its doors. One of the reasons is the dynamism on the management level, where Sandra’s father Markus will soon be handing the business over to her and her brother Andreas. The changes in the industry have also affected the way the company perceives itself. New media offer customers new ways to purchase wine. It's important to always have new ideas in order to be able to reach quality-conscious wine lovers.

Our solution

For CityCellar it would be wise to give its customers the option to contact the company via various channels. To ensure this availability, the young entrepreneurs are placing a strong emphasis on the development of their website. Apart from that, they organize events in order to consolidate their relationships with existing customers and to make new contacts. For administrative work, CityCellar AG uses a high-performance 40/4 Mbit/s Internet connection provided by Tineo AG (formerly known as Quickline Business AG). For CityCellar AG, good customer care still includes regular phone calls.

This allows the account managers to get to know all their customers and recommend them wine personally. Seven specially trained wine consultants provide customers with valuable advice. Unlike an average company, CityCellar AG requires an open line for every phone set. Together with Tineo AG, we offer them the infrastructure they need to fulfill this technical requirement. With about 60 permanently available and highly stable phone lines, the company never loses touch with their customers. CityCellar AG attaches a great deal of importance to security:

Tineo AG is the link between us and our customers and is therefore of particular importance.

Sandra Wyser, Managing Director

She is also happy to have her own account manager at Tineo AG and knows she can rely on him for support. Just by being there, the manager provides a customer experience that, in turn, offers her inspiration for relationships with her own customers.

New ways

What is the best way for CityCellar AG to reach their customers in the next 10 to 15years? This remains an intriguing question. The current generation of customers is already so familiar with new media that people are also asking critical questions about them. Therefore, the young entrepreneurs running CityCellar are constantly being challenged to stay creative. One possible solution: Video calls as a more personal form of the sales tool widely used in the industry. The advantages: The technology is perfectly common in the private sector, and Tineo AG has just been certified as an official partner of Lifesize, the leading videotelephony provider. The doors are wide open for CityCellar AG to take the step towards the future of personal customer relationships.