Kestenholz Holding AG

Well connected to the future

When it comes to their IT, the Kestenholz Group, a group steeped in tradition, attaches a great deal of importance to one key word: interconnectedness. The most important regional representative of Mercedes-Benz in the Basel region and in neighboring South Baden relies on services provided by Tineo AG (formerly known as Quickline Business AG). Together with its efficient partner, the Kestenholz Group has linked the infrastructure of its six Swiss locations in such a way that it can keep up with the car industry’s rapid development. Today, cars have become intelligent, producing data that offers more opportunities, but also consumes more resources.

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The Company

With its official Mercedes-Benz dealership, the Kestenholz Group is a flagship of the automobile business in northwestern Switzerland. Approachable: Even today, the company, which was established in 1952, remains an owner-operated family business. An advantage of this structure is the proximity of the company management to the team. No matter which branch of the company you're dealing with, it’s always plain to see how everyone, from management to trainees, lives by its philosophy on a daily basis. It's not enough to satisfy the customers’ needs: the customers must be wowed by it. This is one of the Kestenholz Group’s guiding principles. In order for the group to fulfill its own criteria, it always relies on its infrastructure, offering flexible development options. Apart from its high quality standards and employee development programs, its IT environment is one of the most crucial factors.

Initial situation

Due to company growth, market changes and technological developments, the Kestenholz Group is constantly investing in modifications of its IT landscape. While in the early part of the 21st century the company’s individual work stations were connected to the Internet directly via a modem, today, all computers are connected to the global net directly via Tineo’s Ethernet network. What were initially rather traditional solutions gradually became adaptations offering more stability, speed and omnidirectional availability with massively increased data security. The changes to customers’ requirements, e.g. due to the permanent availability of the Internet and all the information it has to offer, have also had a significant influence on the car dealer’s sales process.

Our solution

The Kestenholz Group is a prime example of a successful integration of Tineo’s hardware and software solutions. Since January 2010, the long-established customer has been connecting its various locations via our Ethernet service. In order to allow the Kestenholz Group to concentrate on the sales and servicing of passenger and commercial vehicles, we make sure that its network runs smoothly with our Managed LAN Service. This includes: management and monitoring of the switches, engineering, staging, installation, maintenance, operation, 24/7 monitoring (on-call service) and any equipment use. All this makes sure that there are no network problems to distract the Kestenholz Group from pursuing its core business. This stability, coming at a better price than other providers can offer for comparable service packages, makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the company’s IT can develop together with the company itself. Modern dealer software runs smoothly, no matter the location, exactly where it's needed. Exchanging data using the virtualized server hub metro is seamless, even when going global. The Kestenholz Group uses two separate, redundant accesses (Quickline access and access burst) guaranteeing maximum flexibility for going online. The scalability of the transferred data volume allows the brand representative to prioritize bandwidths using customized products such as Quickline Connect, for example, to ensure the internal VoiP telephony remains in use as per company set-up, saving a great deal of call charges.

When working with Tineo, the chemistry was just right from the start, not least thanks to our shared understanding of the particularities of our region.

Walter Di Lemme, Head of IT, Kestenholz holding AG

In the future, cars will be doing some thinking, too.

Big data conquered the car industry a long time ago, the latter having always been one of the drivers of innovation with its high pace of development. In order to set themselves apart from their competitors, car manufacturers always come up with new ideas. Today, vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz come with integrated SIM cards that can automatically transfer service data to the workshop if the car is within a certain range. To make use of the potential of such future technologies, the Kestenholz Group relies on Tineo. It's said that one day wireless subnetworks, in combination with the existing company network, will automate connections to ensure the secure reading of data. It would be a logical step to take after having installed guest WLAN networks for the sales outlet customers.