Lamprecht Transport AG

To the end of the world

Lamprecht Transport AG delivers goods to every corner of the world. From its incorporation to becoming the modern shipping company that it is today, Lamprecht Transport AG has had a fascinating history of digital development. Today, all data can be accessed online from anywhere on the planet. For security reasons, the company has its servers and mainframe computers in Tineo AG’s (formerly known as Quickline Business AG) data center in Münchenstein.

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The Company

Lamprecht Transport AG is a family business, run by third-generation Thomas Lamprecht, and organizes the shipment and forwarding of goods around the globe. The company developed from a classic hauling service to a modern, international freight forwarding company headquartered in Basel.

Initial situation

While the forwarding business used to involve a great deal of paperwork, today most forwarding orders are processed online. The same goes for customs declarations. Nowadays, customs officers only check the goods on a random basis. All data is available worldwide at all times.

The electronic processing of forwarding orders and customs declarations saves a great deal of time and work. But should a power cut or IT failure cause this data flow to come to a stop at the company’s headquarters in Basel, many of these transports would do the same. In order to minimize such risks, all IT systems must comply with the highest security requirements. For this reason, Lamprecht Transport AG’s computer department attaches great importance to the IT systems’ dependability.

Our solution

All components are redundant up to the actual workstation. This means that if a line fails somewhere, there is always a second component available that will ensure that the data can be processed. The (approx. 220) electronic workstations in the offices of the company’s 14 branches use a server-based computing system; employees work on a desktop computer connected to a central server at the company’s own data center.

Customer-oriented and environmentally friendly

What's been missing so far has been a duplicate of the company’s data center at a secure external location. One has now been constructed at Tineo AG’s new Edison data center in Münchenstein. The IT systems are connected to the company’s location using Tineo’s optical fiber networks, with the connection boasting a redundant design. Thus, Lamprecht Transport AG has a highly available IT environment (real time) at its disposal, which is fully compliant with the security requirements.

The data center in Münchenstein offers us the security that we expect.

Tullio Rocca

The Edison data center attaches a great deal of importance to energy efficiency. “Today, we owe this to our customers and to the environment,” Tullio Rocca, head of the computer department, emphasizes.

The data center at Tineo’s premises in Münchenstein offers some other advantages, as well. The building was erected in accordance with the highest building safety criteria. The technical data stands for the new generation of modern data centers. Logistical challenges are child’s play thanks to the generously sized goods receiving department, including a ramp and a goods lift, and to various services on site (electricians, network engineers, etc. at Tineo's premises).