Saphir Group

Unlimited communication

Customer satisfaction and flexibility are the Saphir Group’s top priorities. In order to comply with the resulting requirements for the company’s own communication technology, the Saphir Group had its IT infrastructure built in a completely virtualized form at Tineo AG’s (formerly known as Quickline Business AG) data center in 2011.

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Initial situation

Like the Saphir Group, an increasing number of companies tend to position their own IT infrastructure at external data centers. In this way, they profit from security and quality standards whose implementation would have been extremely expensive at their own premises. Felix Buser, CEO of the Saphir Group Networks and IT manager, confirms these benefits:

Tineo’s data center allows us to offer a level of quality which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve by ourselves.

Felix Buser

The Saphir Group decided to construct a new, completely virtualized IT environment after purchasing two companies and opening a new branch in the Bern region. None of the infrastructures were modernized enough to provide a base of scalability on which to build the others. Due to the heterogeneous IT landscape at different locations, the company was forced to look for a suitable solution and approached Tineo in Münchenstein.

Our solution

One of the reasons Tineo was selected was the connectivity included in the offering. The Saphir Group’s connection in Lausen and that of the virtual IT infrastructure at the data center were initially established via Tineo’s Ethernet service. At the Saphir Group’s request, this service was later replaced by a dark fiber connection. The clients in Lausen can use this channel to communicate with the virtual environment with nearly zero restrictions. Apart from that, the data center’s infrastructure is connected to the Internet via Quickline’s professional access burst. This allows the external sites Schlosswil and Delémont to communicate with the data center using a VPN and a simple DSL connection. The “Access 2 burst 100” provides a bandwidth of up to 100 Mbit/s at any time. However, only the actual performance required is invoiced.

After various changes of location, our decision in favor of Tineo’s data center proved to have been the right one on multiple occasions.

Felix Buser

Flexibility for the customer

Thanks to Tineo’s new IT infrastructure, Felix Buser isn’t worried about any potential company site expansions; flexibility is part of his business. The knowledge that all he needs is a high-performance Internet connection in order to access the virtualized IT infrastructure from anywhere creates a sense of security and trust. Not even the fact that the company's workspaces has doubled in the past years has presented a big challenge. All that's required is a simple expansion from a half rack to a whole one at the data center. The simple scaling of performance is another deciding factor as to why more and more companies are choosing to make this step.