Business Cloud

Use virtual servers to store data or use software.

  • Business Cloud Pro

    A safe place for all your data.

    Use Business Cloud Hosting and get the right servers for your business, without having to worry about their operation and maintenance. Your hardware of choice is technologically speaking always up to date. And thanks to the lean IT infrastructure, you can react dynamically to changing market situations.

    The benefits of Business Cloud Pro:

    • Hardware in the most innovative data centre in Switzerland
    • Public IP address
    • Private firewall VM
    • Configurable server cluster

    Benefit now from a competent partner

    Optional additional services:

    • Hosting server with supervised hypervisor
      Benefit from an automated hypervisor (VMM) and install new machines with one push of a button.
    • Storage clusters
      Order installation and set-up of a high-availability storage cluster using Datacore. Flash and archive storage is available in flexible sizes

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

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  • Business Cloud Dynamic

    Virtual servers with incredible benefits.

    Manage your data over the Internet using our virtual servers, and save on hardware, maintenance costs -- and effort. In our Business Cloud Portal, you also have a cockpit to manage your data clearly and conveniently.

    The benefits of Business Cloud Dynamic:

    • Network package: private VLAN, at least one public IP address, a private firewall VM, a private network
    • Virtual servers with freely scalable expansion levels based on Microsoft Azure Stack.
    • System partitioning for the operating system
    • Individually expandable

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

  • Firewall

    Your digital bouncer.

    Your data is sensitive and has to be protected from outside influences. That's the role our Business Cloud Firewall performs in our virtual servers. Depending on how sensitive the data in question is, it may be a good idea to connect the private network (VLAN) to the public Internet in order to ensure that the extended Firewall VM can withstand undesired access.

    Your advantages with Business Cloud Firewall:

    • Network Address Translation (NAT) converts private IP addresses into public ones (and vice versa)
    • Packet filter controls which public IP addresses can communicate with which IP addresses in your network
    • Implied regulations permit or prohibit network traffic
    • OpenVPN for an encrypted access to devices in your network
    • IPSec VPN for connection to premise equipment and to LAN-LAN coupling

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

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