Install your own IT infrastructure in our secure data center

  • Rack

    Even in small spaces there is room for big things.

    Just like large enterprises, smaller companies also need professionally operated servers. To do so, we offer you racks in three standard sizes that you can use together with other customers. This minimizes the infrastructure costs, and you are charged depending on your own required storage volume, as well as the energy consumption.

    The advantages a rack gives you:

    • A selection of sizes: 1 rack (54 height units), ½ rack (26 height units), ¼ rack (12 height units)
    • Power up to 25 kW
    • Completely secure thanks to a biometric access system
    • Effective calculation of energy costs depending on consumption

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

    Further information can be found here

  • Cage

    Room for your data's security.

    If security is your top priority, then you're in good hands. We will allot you your own Datacube cage in our data center in accordance with your specifications, always equipped with an anti-intruder tool and an electronic access control.

    Your advantages with a cage:

    • Choice between high density (efficient power termination with a low energy price) or low density (low connection costs for low power consumption)
    • Starting from 20m2, the space can be positioned away from other customers
    • Uninterrupted, multipath redundant power supply
    • Cooling system with redundant production, storage and distribution
    • Separate fire prevention and firefighting system for each cage
    • Access control by means of a hand vein scanner

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

    Further information can be found here

  • HandsON

    The helping hand in your server room.

    You'll have your own service team looking after your servers in our Datacube. Smaller maintenance jobs in particular are not always worth assigning to one of your employees. With HandsON services, you won’t have to do this anymore: Just give us a quick call, and one of Tineo’s engineers will install and remove the right storage media and take care of the storage and the change of backup media, network cables etc.

    Your advantages with HandsON service

    • efficient use of your engineers
    • an engineer on site around the clock
    • engineering service depending on requirement or based on a fixed work plan

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001