From system to access control: All about other services we offer.

  • Data center

    One for all: Our Datacube.

    Our Datacube will securely protect your data from misuse, intruders, earthquakes, flooding, fire and lightning, as it complies with all construction standards that apply, among others, to hospitals, as well. Furthermore, you—and you alone—can only access the data via a hand vein scan. All these points add up to the highest possible security.

    • Datacube
    • Datacube Loeschsystem
    • Datacube Server

    Reliable supply

    The redundant power and data supply of our Datacubes provide the basis for a high availability of 99.999%. Within the scope of our SLAs, we can even guarantee you an availability of 100% and assume responsibility in the event of a failure and for the damage this would cause to our customers.

    Around-the-clock monitoring

    All systems and the most important operating parameters are automatically monitored in the Datacube. Highly qualified specialists can immediately intervene and, if necessary, employ additional expert teams to deal with any abnormalities or interruptions in the Datacube’s operation at any time.

    Unlimited network

    Your data must remain accessible at all times. This is ensured by the Datacube's redundant connection system. For data transfer between your location and the Datacube, you can rely on an external connectivity partner or on our suitable solutions.

    Dynamic energy consumption

    The Datacube dynamically adjusts to your energy consumption. This means that during peak times, you'll have power of up to 10 kW per square meter. Furthermore, the net usable space of 2500 square meters offers an area large enough to make sure that your company can continue growing.

    High-performance cooling

    With such high performance, the cooling of the systems plays a major role. The Datacube contains a cooling unit that can redundantly transport the heat away in its entirety at any time.

    Excellent: Our quality guarantee.

    Today, information security is more important than ever before. To ensure that increasing information security standards are fulfilled, an information management system is crucial. Our system has been certified by Switzerland’s leading certification organization, the SQS, in accordance with international guidelines.

    Our data center is ISO-certified: ISO/IEC 27001

    If it’s good for the environment, it’s also good for us.

    Excellent energy efficiency

    The energy systems in the Datacube work with maximum efficiency thanks to continuous optimization. This allows us to achieve a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.24. The PUE states how much power is used for other tasks when processing power, i.e. cooling systems. The closer the PUE value is to 1, the more efficient the data center functions. Our Datacube was awarded a very good PUE value of 1.24 by the PUEDA support program and by the Swiss Office of Energy.

    Elaborate ventilation system

    The racks in the Datacube are cooled by means of an elaborate ventilation system. Cooling machines ensure the necessary, highly efficient cooling in various operation modes, which in turn depend on outside temperatures. It is only at temperatures exceeding 25 degrees that the environmentally friendly, CO2-friendly ammonia cooler has to be used. It guarantees a consistent internal temperature at all times.

    Waste heat recycling

    The heat generated by the operation of servers in the Datacube is distributed by a district heating system to EBM’s neighboring industrial campus, contributing to the overall heating efficiency.

  • Fiber

    The underlying element of your data transfer: Our backbone.

    Reliable data communication is essential for your company’s success. This is why we operate a Swiss-wide backbone with a bandwidth of 100Gbit/s using our optical fiber networks. The POPs (points of presence) are connected to multiple locations in Switzerland and to international exchange points in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, thus guaranteeing complete redundancy, high availability, scalability and security.

    The advantages you get with Fiber:

    • Your own optical fiber network
    • Your own DWDM infrastructure (L1 – optical fiber lighting)
    • State-of-the-art MPLS equipment
    • Core ring structure with 100Gb/s and metro ring structure with 10Gb/s
    • Redundantly developed locations
    • Internet speed of five different upstream providers
    • International peering with Frankfurt and Amsterdam